Avoid the Health Risks of Too Much Sitting

Over the last several years numerous articles about “The Sitting Too Much”, and sitting for prolonged hours are again coming to light.  Research on the physiologic health risks are piling up.  The research is pointing to a strong association between sitting and chronic disease. “Inactivity physiology — the study of what the body does when
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Sitting ~ A Science

  As we have moved from the age of our grandfathers and grandmothers doing manual tasks, the technological age has created a workforce of people sitting 8-10 hours a day.  The CHAIR has become the culprit where what we sit in, reflects our discomforts. 80% of the American workforce sits at a desk Sit as
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The Comfortable Home Office

Ah, the Remote Teleworker Illustration by Ryan Inzana   After reading the article by Beth Braverman, Money magazine – Be There – Even When You’re Not, the cartoon depicting a home office isn’t too far off.  I know many remote workers who stay in their PJ’s and bathrobe while making those early morning pacific coast
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