Legal Issues Abound in World of Telecommuting …

  Including: Workers’ Compensation, Tax Issues, And Compliance with ADA and OSHA Regulations Telecommuting is defined as using telecommunications technology to allow employees to work from remote locations (including the field, while traveling, or most typically from their homes) instead of commuting to a conventional workplace at a conventional time.  By definition, telecommuting decentralizes, defying
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Study on Employee Health Behaviors

Self-Rated Job Performance and Absenteeism According to Employee Engagement, Health Behaviors, and Physical Health Merrill, Ray M. PhD, MPH; Aldana, Steven G. PhD; Pope, James E. MD; Anderson, David R. PhD, LP; Coberley, Carter R. PhD; Grossmeier, Jessica J. PhD; Whitmer, R. William MBA; HERO Research Study Subcommittee Abstract: Objective: To better understand the combined
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Cost-Benefit and ROI Information Studies indicate that ergonomics interventions (self assessment, one-on-one evaluations, training and ongoing coaching) have the greatest impact on preventing musculoskeletal injuries and disease, reducing discomfort, improving productivity, and reducing ergonomic injury costs.  With a $365 annual investment for an employee earning $65,000 annually, the 1 year ROI is 534% with the
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