About ERGOhealthy

ERGOhealthy and its team of people are nationally recognized as ergonomics and health & safety experts.  They have conducted hundreds of ergonomic evaluations while helping people achieve significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Though our team has been around awhile, our material and process is ever fresh. We are as current on ergonomics industry and health issues as today’s headlines, and we continue to develop new programs that include online Ergonomics Specialist courses that provide people (safety, HR, facilities, IT, and others) unprecedented knowledge and skill sets to help them conduct basic onsite ergonomics assessments.

A primary component and distinguishing feature of ERGOhealthy’s approach is our belief in holistic ergonomics – recognizing that there are both personal and professional factors that can lead to ergonomic problems.  To ensure an effective and lasting outcome, our ERGOhealthy coaches reach beyond the traditional ergonomics assessment to provide people with individual ergonomics coaching and guidance.  This combined emphasis on education and coaching support is a hallmark and key to our success.