ERGOhealthy Analytics

ERGOhealthy Analytics serves as a predictive analytics tool and leading indicator for predicting and stopping ergonomic injuries, while improving productivity.  We work with leading predictive analytics tools and solutions to analyze risk and discomfort, productivity drivers, and efficiencies in managing musculoskeletal strains and sprains.  To put it simply:  We predict injuries and stop them before they occur.  Using our 7 out of 10Ergonomics Health Survey methodology, we identify at-risk environments and employee discomfort which allow organizations to proactively intervene before people voice ergonomic concerns, suffer an ergonomic injury, or stay silent while their productivity decreases and chance of injury increases.  It provides organizations a means to identify, measure, and correct factors that put employees at risk of injury and illness, and impede worker performance.

In studies to date, data compiled after 90 days demonstrated:

Employee complaints of “constant” discomfort were substantially reduced

  • 5% gain in productivity
  • 73% reduction in calls for ergonomic evaluations
  • 62% reduction in reported discomfort
  • 39% reduction in claims for ergonomic work-related injuries

The Ergonomics Health Survey is designed to help organizations uncover areas of possible loss and risk exposure and identify opportunities for substantial and sustainable cost savings.  It can identify and correct environmental factors that may be impeding worker performance and to help prevent “computer-use” related injuries by correcting the causes of physical discomfort at the workstation.

How it works

The Ergonomics Health Survey is a web-based program that quickly captures posture-related and environmental data through a short (less then 10 minutes), intuitive employee survey.  It pinpoints 90% of the physical stressors at a “computer workstation.”  Short, simple surveys increase participation rates, helping ensure more accurate and actionable data.  Regardless of industry, organizations with employees using “computers” can benefit from using the Ergonomics Health Survey.

Fully customizable, ERGOhealthy Analytics has a suite of actionable and customized reports, automated employee follow up, and reports on individual risk levels which empower employers to prioritize and implement successful ergonomic changes.  The program’s centralized database ensures greater control while providing tools to help predict injuries, enabling organizations to proactively respond.  For more info click here for Analytics FAQ.

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