Stress Reduction in the Workplace ~ Openly Communicate

Stress in the workplace affects productivity.  Whether it is the challenge to work faster, deliver the goods quicker, complete projects on schedule, it can eventually affect the workers mental, emotional and physical well-being.  The other goal is to insure that a workforce keeps working and that jobs are filled.  To do this an approach that involves the environment, the equipment and the individual worker  – a Holistic Ergonomic Approach – is the complete picture for reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Conversations with team leaders and discussions with the worker on a regular basis can help to determine when productivity begins to lag behind.  The Why’s and the Solutions can then be determined and implemented to stave off this lag time.

Here are some suggestions you may want to look at when assessing worker performance, stress in the workplace and productivity challenges:

1. Open Communication –  relaxed conversations with team leaders, managers and workers once a month will go a long way to help keep morale high and solve challenging situations.

2. Look at the Equipment Used by the Worker – When the equipment does not fit the workers body, he or she thinks more on their pain and discomfort than their work.  Small enhancements change the mental focus and will return concentration toward the task to accomplish.

3. Health and Well-Being – provide an area for classes and a workout room; maybe an indoor walking track or go outside and walk for 30 minutes; classes in yoga, or meditation; This can go a long way in the support of the workforce.  Safeway grocery stores implemented this strategy and found productivity increased and health costs were reduced.

4. Breaks – every 1-2 hours help to insure better focus and concentration.  The Body needs time to replenish.  So get up and move around, stretch, get water and walk away to give the mind a chance to relax and refocus


Think of each worker is an athlete.  They are highly skilled and trained to perform at the highest level. Without an approach that involves the body as well as the equipment, the athlete cannot produce to their highest potential.

An analogy that I like to use is this:  John is extraordinary athlete, cyclist.  The bike he has is sub par compared to others in his sport.  Without a better bike (his equipment) he can’t perform as well as his competitors.  His productivity is reduced, his stress has increased, as he has to work harder to accomplish his goal.  To win the race!

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