What’s Different about ERGOhealthy Remote Assessments

Differentiator #1

ERGOhealthy and our ergonomic coaching team are focused on a holistic means to improve ergonomics. We believe ergonomics is less about furniture and specialty ergonomic equipment (although important in some cases) and more about posture and helping people understand ergonomics.  So rather than thinking of ergonomic equipment and furniture… we think people first and how best to achieve ergonomic health.

Differentiator #2

Our ergonomics team has a variety of unique backgrounds, interests and perspectives, and have been carefully assembled based on their EXCEPTIONAL service and technical skills. Learn more about our outstanding team here.

Differentiator #3

We don’t sell, partner or recommend ergonomics suppliers of any kind, and we do everything possible to work with an individual’s existing equipment. If we do recommend a chair, keyboard, or something that we believe is absolutely necessary to enhance an ergonomic situation, we generally recommend products from large office supply retailers – where prices are reasonable and competitive.  As ergonomic coaches and trainers we believe it is a conflict of interest to sell or market ergonomic equipment and supplies of any kind.

Differentiator #4

When we do recommend ergonomic equipment and/or furniture, we have either: 1) purchased it and use it ourselves (at retail cost), or 2) worked with others we trust that have personal knowledge and use.

Differentiator #5

Ergonomic change is not always easy, and many people have questions during and after the ergonomic assessment process… that’s why our ERGOhealthy coaching team is available to every person for up to six months after their ergonomic assessment.