Cost Effective Ergonomics = Reduction in RSI Injury = Health Solutions

Reading a recent article in MONEY magazine (Sept. 2013), it was great to see ergonomics being highlighted.  According to the article, musculoskeletal injury, “costs are out of control”; however, simple prevention tools are available. The goal of ergonomics is to help you create your best posture to be able to work without pain and strain to your
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Stress Reduction in the Workplace ~ Openly Communicate

Stress in the workplace affects productivity.  Whether it is the challenge to work faster, deliver the goods quicker, complete projects on schedule, it can eventually affect the workers mental, emotional and physical well-being.  The other goal is to insure that a workforce keeps working and that jobs are filled.  To do this an approach that
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Are Health Costs Rising With A More Sedentary Workforce

With the advent of technology, is it now a contributing factor to rising health risks and costs to the employer? A recent article posted from the Management Liability Insights Conference in Advisen FPN.  “A decision this summer by the American Medical Association to classify obesity as a disease, instead of a condition, has heightened concerns
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